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Hamilton Farmers Market Cooperative

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Market Rules & Responsibilities
Market Manager: Laura Craig, Office 961-0004; Cell at Market 369-0016


Exercise cooperation and common sense.

Market runs Saturday mornings, 9 AM to 12:30 PM, from May through mid October. Vehicles must be off the street by 8:30 a.m. and not return until 12:45. 

Vendor and Product Eligibility Rules:
* Vendors must reside in Ravalli County and provide proof of residency.
* Non agricultural products must be made in Montana and follow Made in Montana guidelines.
* All agriculture products must be grown or produced in Ravalli County. Vegetables must be grown from non GMO-seed.
*Vendors will submit signed Letter of Intention (LOI) prior to their first market.
*HFMC Board reserves the right to determine products sold at the Market
*Non-Profits: free booth space if available after 8:20; cannot sell products. Can sell raffle tickets.

Vendor Procedures & Responsibilities:

* Vendors promote the Market favorably with their product, display, and conduct.
* Vendor booth fee set by the Board prior to Fall Annual Vendor Meeting; three payment options available.
* Booth spaces are 10 X 10.  No booth creep allowed. Vendors provide their own booth set-up.
* Booth signs or banners required, minimum of 8 ½ X 11, with vendor or business name.
* Reserved spaces must be occupied by 8:20 a.m. or space will be assigned to a waiting vendor.
*Reserved space vendor, unable to attend a market, must notify the Market Manager before 7:30 that day.
* Vendors with reserved spaces who miss 3 consecutive markets without notifying Manager will lose their reserved space. They will be given another spot, if they return.
*Vendors without a reserved space will be assigned one by the Market Manager Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. on a “first come, first served’ basis with Co-op members being helped first.
* Vehicles are expected to be parked in County Parking Lot at the NW corner of Madison and Third Streets, County lot at 4th & Bedford, or lot on Bedford St east of the Public Defenders Office.  Handicap vendor parking available on request.  Please Park in the Lots. Street Spaces are for Our Customers.
No sales before 9:00 a.m. except to other Market vendors wearing a Vendor Button.
* Vendors will notify Manager if they have to leave before 12:30.
* Food vendors must comply with all Health Department regulations 363-6569.
* If electricity is used, vendor must maintain safety: cords in good condition and covered by mats where cross sidewalk.
* Clean up space before leaving: pack it in, pack it out. Please do NOT put your trash or boxes in cans. They are for our customers ONLY.
* Since Market liability insurance does not insure vendors, vendors will hold the Market harmless.

Disciplinary Actions for Vendors:

* If vendor conduct endangers anyone or anything: immediate suspension and forfeiture of booth space.
* Disciplinary action when rules are broken: 1st time offense = oral warning w/ written ticket; 2nd time offense = suspension from Market.
* Disciplinary meeting with Board to hear suspension appeal and determine action; where permanent suspension is determined if necessary.

Complaint Procedure:

* Vendor first attempts resolution with offending party: vendor, customer, or employee.
* If not resolved, vendor brings situation to Market Manager.
* If Manager unable to find resolution, puts complaint in writing and submits to Board for discussion at next meeting.
* If need is immediate, Market Manager will have complainant speak with available Board members.
* If complaint is with Manager, vendor takes unresolved issue to Board Member.

Reserving the Same Booth Space:

Weekly payment is due the week the vendor actually attends.

New vendors reserve available non-reserved space at the New Vendor Training in April or anytime after by prepaying approx. ½ or all down for the season. Booth selection is done by picking a number to get in line at the Training or by choosing from what is available after that.

* Returning Co-op vendors with a reserved booth retain their same space for the following season by notifying the Market Manager before the October Annual Co-op Meeting of their intention. $168 or full fee must be paid by April 1st or that space will return to the open space pool.

* Returning Co-op vendors with a reserved space, who wish to select a different space from the pool of available spaces, pick a number at the Annual Co-op meeting for the booth assignment line.

* Returning Co-op vendors with a reserved space who would like to change spaces after the Annual Meeting will submit their name to the Market Manager. The Manager will call them in random order after April 1st, but before the New Vendor Training, to tell them what open spaces are available to choose from.

* Vendors sharing a reserved space must each submit an LOI and, if they want to pay the lower booth rate, both must join the Co-op.

* In case of cancellation, prepayment for reserving a space is not refundable.  Vendors without a reserved space will pay the weekly booth fee.

Co-op Vendor Responsibilities:

Market Co-op is Member-Owned: voting at Annual Fall Owner Meeting is mandatory;

“One Owner; One Vote” for Board members, By-law changes and other issues. If Member does not have a booth at Market and misses the Annual Fall Meeting for two  consecutive years, they will be removed from the Owner list and their stock forfeited.

Co-op Responsibilities:

* Fulfills MARKET MISSION by providing location, structure & promotion for vendors to sell their wares and community to gather; stimulates local economy; promotes awareness of health, local products & Co-op values.
* Schedules Annual Fall Owner Meeting between Oct. 15 & Dec. 15, prepares agenda and
* Establishes process for patronage refunds; price of Common and Preferred Shares; and accounting for cash reserve.

Non vendor solicitations

Must be approved by the Manager before making solicitations.


Thanks to all our Market shoppers.  
You make our Farmers Market
The Best in Montana!

We've got us a pretty cool lil' ol' market here!

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