Saturdays 9am to 12.30pm on Bedford & 3rd Streets in Historic Downtown Hamilton Mid April thru October

Offering the Finest in Locally Grown Non GMO Produce, Montana Made Crafts, Art & Food!

How to Contact Our Vendors

If you are looking for plant starts or produce or to join a local CSA (Customer Supported Agriculture) before the season begins or for pantry stocking after season ends, please consider calling one of our farmer friends and neighbors).


Quick Guide to Our Farmers

Mill Creek Farm:
Randi, 961-8861; produce

Kangaroo House Gardens:
Peter & Helen, 381-3585; produce, bread, dahlia tubers

Homestead Organics Farm:
Laura & Henry, 363-6627; produce

Yourganic Farm:
Pam & Leon, 962-5452; produce

Sweetroot Farm,
Mary & Noah: 406 240-1050
Produce, eggs, locally roasted coffee

Bob & Maggie’s Garden Goodies:
Maggie & Bob, 363-3039; produce, jam

Tucker Family Farm:
Tyler, 370-8779; sheep cheese

Great Divide Farm:
Kasi & Jesse, 381-5825; produce


Aspen Hot Glass at the Hamilton Farmers Market Montana
Aspen Hot Glass




For more information on Aspen Hot Glass, click on the button below.
Big Sky Squeezes Hamilton Farmers Market MT

Big Sky Squeezes

"Montana Made Lemonade
And Gourmet Juices"


Offering hand crafted and fresh squeezed lemonades and organic juices at the Hamilton Farmers Market.
Fresh Hot Flatbread Sandwiches
Made To Order Hot Off The Grill...

Breakfast & Lunch
Space #26 on 3rd Street at
Hamilton Farmers Market

Tel: 406-274-0247
For more information on O'Leary's Kitchen, click on the button below.
Tom Moates Silversmith at Hamilton Farmers Market MT
Tom Moates Silversmith


HANDMADE: All sized to fit.
Custom sterling silver, copper,
and gold jewelry. Also jewelry repairs.
ETC - Marsha Achermann at Hamilton Farmers Market MT

Heidi @ 406-369-0214
Vicki Dawson Jewelery at Hamilton Farmers Market MT

Vicky Dawson
Artisan Jewelry


The Woodcarver - Joe Thompson at Hamilton Farmers Market MT

The Woodcarver
Art City
407 W. Main St.
Hamilton, MT

The Woodcarver

The Artists' Shop
127 N. Higgins
Missoula, MT
Harf at the Hamilton Farmers Market

Blue Horse Pots
Art City
407 W. Main St.
Hamilton, MT
Hamilton Farmers Market a-GMO free Montana

Linda Sulewski
Art City
407 W. Main St.
Hamilton, MT
Eclectic Creations - Ethyl Keel - at Hamilton Farmers Market MT

Eclectic  Creations - Ethyl Keel
Art City
407 W. Main St.
Hamilton, MT
Drums & Reiki - Carolyn Durgin at Hamilton Farmers Market MT

Drummer Girl Drums &
Carolyn's Caring Hands Reiki

Carolyn Durgin
M & C Creations at Hamilton Farmers Market MT
M & C Creations: Pet Accessories & Crocheted Items. Website: http://mandccreations.weebly.com/ Email: mccreations@wildbluenet.com Phone: 406-880-9511
For more information on M&C Creations, click on the button below.
Mary with Sweetroot Farms

Sweetroot Farm

Mary & Noah: 406 240-1050
Produce, eggs, locally roasted coffee




Pretty Little Things
Theresa Ostertag

Artist & Glass Bead Maker
P.O. Box 2071
Hamilton, MT 59840
e-mail: beadbrain2003@yahoo.com
Mixed Media
Memorial Beads

Ask me about...

Wildflower Confections & Boutique
305 N Main Street

Darby, MT 59829

P.O. Box 444, Darby, MT 59829

(406) 369-3309

We create artisan chocolates and English toffee...and we mean artisan! No corn syrup, invert sugar syrup, paraffin, or fillers. We know the basics and embellish with tastier and healthier ingredients.

Bitterroot Massage
230 Merganser Lane
Hamilton, MT 59840

Carolyn Durgin
Tel: (406) 214-7031

Bitterroot Massage provides personalized massages in a clean, quiet & professional office. Owner Carolyn Durgin is a licensed massage therapist with Geriatric, NeuroMuscular & Reiki Certifications.

Thanks to all our Market shoppers.  
You make our Farmers Market
The Best in Montana!

We've got us a pretty cool lil' ol' market here!

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