Every Saturday 9 am to 12.30 pm on Bedford & 3rd Streets in Historic Downtown Hamilton

Offering the Finest in Locally Grown Non GMO Produce

Our Farmers

If you are looking for plant starts or produce before the season opens or to join a local CSA (Customer Supported Agriculture), please consider calling one of our farmer friends and neighbors.
Mill Creek Farm:
Randi, 961-8861; produce

Kangaroo House Gardens:
Peter & Helen, 381-3585; produce, bread, dahlia tubers

Homestead Organics Farm:
Laura & Henry, 363-6627; produce

Yourganic Farm:
Pam & Leon, 962-5452; produce

Fourth Wave Farm:
Lindsey, 274-7644; produce

Sweetroot Farm,
Mary & Noah:240-1050
Produce, eggs, locally roasted coffee

Bob & Maggie’s Garden Goodies:
Maggie & Bob, 363-3039; produce, jam

Tucker Family Farm:
Tyler, 370-8779; sheep cheese

Great Divide Farm:
Kasi & Jesse, 381-5825; produce



Thanks to all our Market shoppers.  
You make our Farmers Market
The Best in Montana!

We've got us a pretty cool lil' ol' market here!

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